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After 25 years of experience in the detective field we are confident in saying that we are a highly skilled and professional agency who get results. We supply many services that will help to get to the bottom of your situation, whether you think your lover is being unfaithful or your neighbour is creating you problems we can help you.

We use commonsense, state of the art equipment and highly skilled professionals to carry out all operations. Many of our operatives are from Police and Special Forces backgrounds and they go above and beyond the client´┐Żs requirements.

We will endeavour to find the best solutions to your situation and enable you to get back in control of your life.

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Call Free on 0121 259 0116 or Email [email protected]

Private Investigator Birmingham - About Us


"Since contacting Private Investigator Birmingham there have been very few worries. They listened to what I needed, and responded quickly. I now know EXACTLY what my wife was up to. Private Investigator Birmingham were there every step of the way to help, support and prove my wife's affair. The staff are very polite, professional and caring..." - Chris Manchester

"I have and would recommend Private Investigator Birmingham to my friends. The investigators are great, kind and understanding. They helped erase fears that my husband was cheating on me and I can now sleep at night and also trust him again. The best bit is that he will never know ..." - Clare Reigate

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Call Free on 0121 259 0116 or Email [email protected]

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